Our Mission



Urban Luxe is a Women's Fashion Lifestyle brand based out of the Cincinnati Area.

The e-commerce brand is a fast-growing retail destination for women that have an urge to go out of their comfort zone and find their personal style. Our mission is to not only provide one of a kind and unique fashions but to also inspire and bring together women from around the world and help them find their personal style.

We pride ourselves with affordable yet unique pieces and long-lasting relationships with our clients and giving them the best experience possible.


Our Founder

I have struggled with anxiety my entire life but having a creative outlet like Urban Luxe has really allowed me to feel a sense of empowerment. Creativity for me is about bringing out my passion and what I believe in. I hope I can help bring out the creativity in other women as well. 

Urban Luxe was founded in January 2020 by 18 year old Sophia Blasi as she was just beginning her college career. Sophia studies Fashion Entrepreneurship and business design. She plans on continuing Urban Luxe on the e-commerce route and bringing it towards the west coast as soon as she graduates college. 



Bazaar was inspired by the owner to raise awareness for mental health and generalized anxiety disorder. As she has struggled with anxiety her entire life. 

Our brand mission is to spread awareness, positivity, love and good energy into the world one bomb ass coffee at a time.